MapTasking is the evolution of field operation management. Like email was for fax back in the day.
The platform is designed to manage and control your field operations while bringing you closer to the point where your value is being delivered.
Maptasking consists of a lean mobile app that takes advantage of today's common smartphones and tablets capabilities.
Through the MapTasking APP and its WEB platform you are able to:

  • Know your field personnel location in real time.
  • Place your organization’s field tasks in a map and send the information directly to field personnel mobiles.
  • Have visibility of your field tasks at any time.
  • Assign the most fitting personnel to a field task, taking into account factors like workload, location, capacity and even real time traffic.
  • Plan your personnel field job schedule.
  • Compare the log of your personnel locations against the planned (optimal) route.
  • Forecast the time at which a field task will be started, taking into consideration transportation times (with real time traffic) and workload.
  • Procure delivery evidences generated during the execution of a task (e.g. pictures, signatures, forms).
  • Receive and analyze reports about your organization’s field operation that were just not possible before.

All of this, LIVE.

MapTasking works with real time traffic and customized metrics that enables you to measure efficiency, generate reports and therefore, optimize results.
We provide you with eyes on the street by displaying your entire field operation in an interactive map.
Be a part of the evolution!

Intelligent Planing

With MapTasking you can know who is the best person to complete a specific task; based on their location, availability and real time traffic.

Realtime Tracking

Now you can know the location of your personnel, their status, routes taken and more. All of this in real time!!

Working Offline

We know that you are not connected all the time, so we created a way to use the APP offline and then sync when internet is available.

Focus on the work

Let the tracking to us


The process is simple:

  • An operator at Headquarters, manages the planning from a web application and creates the tasks.
  • Tasks can be assigned to a specific employee or published to all employees on the field.
  • The field worker accepts the task and Checks-In through the Mobile application.
  • When finished, the field worker checks out and the task gets marked as completed; now the employee can go work in another task.
  • At any moment the operator at the Headquarters, can know the geographic location of any employee on a map, in real time. Also, the operator can see any pending or available tasks.

The task usually have 4 states: Available, Pending, In Process, Complete. However, the app can be adapted to the way the company works.

Because life’s complicated enough.

Let us help you to make it simple


Vittorio Calcagno

Vittorio is a major in Systems Engineering, MBA, and MSc in Global Management, he has worked in quite a few industries, from small to large companies, a multi-national corporation and even as a diplomat. With a deep understanding of how the market and people work, he is a technology team builder with a passion for creating software that makes life easier and saves valuable time for millions at a global scale.

Joao Fernandes

Joao is an Industrial engineer and MBA with more than 12 years of experience in some of the biggest multinational companies in the world. His mission is to lead the commercial team of MapTasking, while looking for new industries and applications for the platform around the world.

Oscar Alberto Díaz
New Markets

Oscar has a degree on Industrial Engineering with a masters in Business Administration with major in Finance and International Business. A good part of his career was focus on process reengineering which involved identification and implementation of information technologies.

Work in your world. Track in ours.

MapTasking is an easy to use application that helps you keep track of your product/or service delivery, without affecting the way you work



Require a network?

Not anymore, MapTasking let you work without phone network. Give it a try


Vittorio Calcagno

Joao Fernandes

Ensure quality to your end customer.

An important component on many businesses is the delivery to the end customer. Whether it is a product or a service, the quality of your company could be determined in this last step. As important as it, most of the times this part happens out of the sight and control of the management, meaning that it is hard to measure it.

Things like routes, customer satisfaction and even resources seem out of the management´s sight. MapTasking is our answer to this problem. It takes advantageof the state-of-the-art technology in communications and geo-referenced information on the cloud.

Our platform brings a real time administration tool to managers in order to help them direct and supervise field workers. At the same time gives the field workers a tool to help themmanage the uncertainty of how to get there, what to do next and creates an easy way to communicate and send reports back to the HQ, saving him a lot of time. Ensure the quality of your company while using your resources more efficiently.

MapTasking , your eyes on the street.




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